TEENPOL Accredited

TEENPOL is a 15 to 18-week, semester-long program that teaches youth the necessary life skills to reduce crime, build healthy relationships with law enforcement, and practice better decision-making.

This program is taught by police, educational specialists, and subject matter experts. TEENPOL is Texas Education Agency (TEA) accredited, which means every student that successfully completes the TEENPOL program will earn 1 high school credit that goes toward their graduation. 

Additionally, all TEENPOL participate in a service-learning project. Service learning is an educational approach that combines learning objectives with community service in order to provide a progressive learning experience while helping society.

The program teaches 11 core modules and additional modules covering the following topics: 

Click the link above to view module objectives.

If you'd like a TEENPOL in your school email our Program Manager, Ms. Ortiz at [email protected].