Knowledge Through Research & Teaching

The university is a space to expand knowledge through research and teaching. The Teen And Police Service Academy was founded through a partnership with the Houston Police Department and the University of Houston- Clear Lake, where Dr. Penn served as Department Chair of Social and Cultural Sciences.

At University of Houston-Clear Lake an undergraduate course titled Youth, Law and Society is offered as well as the only minor in Youth and Policing.

TAPS Academy believes the study of youth and their intersection with policing goes beyond the traditional Juvenile Delinquency or Juvenile Justice course but should evolve into a sub-discipline of Youth and Policing through the development of a major.


With our strong affiliation with the University of Houston-Clear Lake, TAPS Academy believes there should be a sub-discipline of criminology focusing on youth and police relations. The plan is to expand the course to other universities across Texas, offer the minor at other institutions and perhaps even creating a Major in Youth and Police Studies.

University of Houston-Clear Lake is the only university to offer a Minor in Youth and Police Studies.