TAPS program breaks down barriers between troubled teens, police

August 6, 2016

At a juvenile facility in Katy, a teenager in a blue jumpsuit steps up to ask a question of the Harris County sheriff. "Is there anything that law enforcement can do better?" the teen asks.

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Harris County sheriff visits TAPS Academy to speak with youth

July 14, 2016

Wednesday was a rare day at a Harris County juvenile lock-up. Residents there got a chance to visit face to face with the top law man in the county, Sheriff Ron Hickman. It was the latest in an ongoing effort to promote good will and communication between law enforcement and troubled teens, and urge them to find a new, positive path in their adult lives.

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Texas Legislature Recognizes TAPS El Paso

May 2015

WHEREAS, The Teen and Police Service Academy of El Paso is making a positive difference in the lives of young West Texans; and

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TAPS Academy breaks down 'bad cop' barrier

May 21, 2015

Pick up any newspaper or visit any major news site and you'll probably find a story about how police and youth are interacting. Whether it's an article about protests in Baltimore or a follow-up on the unrest in Ferguson, many young people have fostered negative feelings toward police officers.

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