TAPS Academy provides a school-based curriculum that brings law enforcement, community services and at-risk youth together through an 11-week program in locations around the world.

Norristown, PA

Norristown, Pennsylvania is the newest member of the TAPS family as they began serving students and their community in the Spring of 2019. The passion our Norristown officers have for connecting with their students is very inspiring and the innovation they demonstrate when teaching the TAPS curriculum is a model for all of our sites. Welcome Norristown!

Tuscaloosa, AL

TAPS Academy programming officially started in Tuscaloosa in the Spring of 2018, due to the tireless efforts of many school district administrators, Principals, teachers, police officers, and community members that were determined to implement TAPS programming in their area. TAPS Academy is extremely proud of making a difference in Tuscaloosa.

Columbus, OH

TAPS Academy Columbus began in February 2014 at Independence Day School. TAPS was brought to Columbus by the Department of Public Safety because they were impressed with the program and the impact it has had in other cities.

El Paso, TX

The El Paso location combines the TAPS curriculum with field trips and heavy educational components. Students who attended earned graduation credits in a number of subject such as Speech, Algebra, and World Geography.

Galveston, TX

TAPS Academy Galveston was launched in June 2014 and offers an 11 week program working with the Galveston Police Department. Their programs help educate teens on police and the benefits of building relationships with law enforcement.

Houston, TX

Houston is TAPS Academy's first location is hosted at Beechnut Academy and run by the Houston Police Department. Their first 11-week program launched in spring of 2012.

New York, NY

TAPS Academy was invited to attend the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's 45th Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. in September of 2015. While presenting and interacting with various members of Congress, police officials, community leaders and other stakeholders, the TAPS Academy delegation met Ms. Alexis Yeboah, from the office of Assemblyman Michael Blake, 79th District, South Bronx, New York. Ms. Yeboah, President of the Black Student Union at Columbia University, assembled the necessary parties to include the 42nd Precinct of the New York City Police Department to start TAPS Academy at the New High School in South Bronx, New York.

Ponce, PR

TAPS Academy is determined to educate at-risk youth around the globe. During the program, 33 students were instructed on the various ways to improve and how law enforcement is there to protect and not to harm.

Richmond, VA

TAPS Academy trained the Richmond Police Department and community partners to use the TAPS Curriculum in the LIFE Program, sponsored by the Richmond Police Department. In a modified TAPS format, high school students who have an offense pending will work with police officers and community leaders to gain social and educational skills, as well as reduce their social distance with law enforcement. Those who successfully complete the LIFE Program will have their case dismissed.

St. Kitts, Nevis

This TAPS location is the newest to the list of TAPS locations. The program, which was launched in July 2014, will implement initiatives in high schools across the federation.

Tampa, FL

TAPS Academy Tampa was developed in June 2014 and works with the Tampa Police Department and AMI Kids to promote positive relationships with local law enforcement and at-risk youth.