What To Do With Your Summer?

As the school year comes to an end, visions of sleeping in and laying by a pool are probably already playing in your head. But make it a point not to waste the whole summer. Here are some ways to stay active and be productive.

Get a job – If you want a summer job, you should be able to find one. According to a recent NBC News article, it should be easier this year for teens to snag those seasonal jobs, in part because more companies are hiring. So if you haven’t started filling out applications, do so ASAP. Check with restaurants, retail stores, summer camps, as well as community parks and recreation departments. Summer employment is a great way to earn some cash and stay busy.

Read – Just because you’re out of classes for a few months, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t crack open a book. It doesn’t have to be educational, just pick a subject you find interesting or enjoy reading about.  Keep in mind that research shows reading keeps minds active. 

Self-improvement goals – Are there some goals you want to accomplish or things you’ve always wanted to learn? The summer is a great time to accomplish them. Perhaps you can try yoga, learn CPR, or even start a garden.  Competing one or more goals can truly make your summer rewarding. 

Volunteer - If you’re not old enough for a job, perhaps you can volunteer at a local nonprofit. Helping someone else out will leave you with a good feeling and it can work to your advantage when it comes to college applications down the line. 


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