TAPS - Tips for a Productive Spring Break

Spring Break is here! Do you know how you’ll be spending yours? If not, start planning now to make the most of it.

Relax – Unwind from classes and school activities that keep you busy throughout your normal week. You can catch up on some sleep, clear your mind a bit, and rejuvenate. Research shows that relaxing has many benefits, including boosting your memory and helping you make better decisions. 

Community Service – Volunteering is a great thing to do on Spring Break. Dedicate some time to others by helping build a house, assisting at a food bank, or doing work at countless other nonprofits in your community.  Also, volunteering looks good on college applications. 

School Work/College Applications – Speaking of college applications, do you have a stack you haven’t filled out yet? Try using some of the time to catch up. Or if you’re behind on a school project or have work to make up, take advantage as well.

Spend Time with Family – While you may rather spend most of your Spring Break with friends, consider dedicating some more time to be with your family, especially if you’re a senior and heading off to college soon. You’ll miss them more than you may think. 


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