TAPS Academy Thanks Columbia University Student, Ms. Yeboah-Kodie for Bringing TAPS Academy to New York City

TAPS Academy was invited to present at the Congressional Black Caucus by invitation from U.S. Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee (18th District, New York). The event in September 2015 was a weekend filled with meeting congress persons, agency heads, youth and interesting people. Little did we know Ms. Alexis Yeboah-Kodie was in the audience.

Ms. Yeboah-Kodie a Columbia University, Psychology Senior listened attentively to the presentation about TAPS Academy and moved words to action. She took the information back to her professors at Columbia University as well as her assemblyman in New York City. Determined to make a difference, she educated local school officials in South Bronx, New York, as well as the leadership in the New York City Police Department's 42nd Precinct. Over the course of four months, 110 emails were exchanged between Ms. Yeboah-Kodie, and TAPS Academy officials. She paved the path to bring TAPS Academy to New York.

We congratulate this pioneer, Ms. Yeboah-Kodie, the Black Student Association leader at Columbia University, for her perseverance and tenacity as she works to create better understanding between law enforcement and the community in New York City.

She is pictured above shaking hands with Dr. Penn.  


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