TAPS Academy - Resolving Conflict in Houston, Texas.

TAPS Academy returns to the Burnett Bayland Reception Center (BBRC) this semester with an almost entirely new team of TAPS Officers from the Houston Police Department. Last week the students discussed conflict mediation. In the Academy there is a young man about 15 years old who we will call "Howard". This young man believed fighting and violence are the answer to every conflict situation. He even stated: "I like to fight".  As we progressed through the six stages of reducing conflict the officers talked with him and others. One of the officers nicknamed "Keep it real" asked questions to the young men about their choices and showed how one bad choice often led to another. By the time the officer finished the lesson and the break-out session occurred "Howard" saw some value in what was being said. It was quite significant that at the end, he stated: “I am going to think about changing my ways and the way I respond to certain situations..."


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