TAPS Academy Meets With Over 100 Years of Police Executive Leadership


On February 1st the Director of the Teen And Police Service (TAPS) Academy, Dr. Everette B. Penn, took part in a historic lunch meeting. During this meeting he convened with leaders that have shaped and continue to shape Houston’s criminal justice landscape. Specifically, Dr. Penn spoke with Houston’s current Executive Assistant Police Chief, Troy Finner, Former Houston Police Chief and City Council member C.O. Bradford and former Police Chief of Houston, New York, Atlanta and U.S. Drug Czar as well as former Mayor of Houston, Dr. Lee P. Brown.

The distinguished level of criminal justice expertise at the table was impressive, but paled in comparison to the passion and affection these revered leaders have for the city of Houston. When reached for comment Dr. Penn stated, “It was such a reminder of how progressive Houston policing is today, when one hears the stories of racism and police excessive use of force not long ago”. Just a few topics of discussion during their time together were: the challenges of financial shortfalls, social distance between citizens and law enforcement as well as the growing population of Houston, which methods make for the best use of research, policy and programming. That is why TAPS is honored to be a part of 21st Century Policing being implemented in Houston.

To gain a better understanding of 21st Century Policing please read Dr. Brown’s book: Policing in the 21st Century: Community Policing.


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